Emma Refvem

Graduate Research Assistant

North Carolina State University

Learning and Teaching in STEM - Science Education

ejrefvem@ncsu.edu @refvemma

Public High School Teacher Turned PhD Student

Tar Heel now reluctantly a member of the Wolfpack

Both Outdoorsy & Indoorsy

"Chill but not overly nice" - Former Student

Other Fun Things...

STEM ExternTrips - Educators' Perspectives: Last fall, I had the opportunity to attend an ExternTrip in Research Triangle Park, specifically at the EPA. I really enjoyed the experience and was featured in their teacher experience blog post. Take a look!

Bambi Visits Riverside - The Pirate's Hook: This spring, a small deer was in Riverside's courtyard so I went on a rescue mission. Riverside's student journalists covered it here.

Photo credit: The Pirate's Hook